Strategic Diversity Awareness Workshop

Arguably, the greatest challenge for any diversity initiative is getting everyone engaged.  For some, the term diversity is synonymous with political correctness, which sometimes invokes a cringe response.  And quite often, for good reason.  Many diversity training programs fuel, rather than resolve, polarization.  Such programs tend to focus almost exclusively on external differences like race and gender, rarely acknowledging the many commonalities among groups of people, regardless of the optics of their external appearance.  Commonalities may include such things as the importance of family, a concern for the larger community and a desire to learn and grow.  By treating people only as members of a group (e.g., female, male, black, white, etc.) these programs negate the most important differentiators:  what’s in an individual’s mind and heart.

DLA’s Strategic Diversity Awareness Workshop introduces an “all-inclusive” definition of diversity versus traditional diversity training which tends to focus on race, gender and other legally defined “protected characteristics.”  This workshop also recognizes differences in knowledge, experience and perspectives as well as personal background.  Therefore, it addresses challenges and opportunities that are not limited to particular groups.  Fairness and equality are treated as paramount concepts for all.  And importantly, all this is placed in the context of the group or organization’s mission.  This approach, “many perspectives/one mission” facilitates engagement across a multitude of diversity dimensions.

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