About the Company

Diversity Leadership in Action™ (DLA), formerly Juan Johnson Consulting & Facilitation, LLC, was formed in 2006 to help community groups and business organizations equip their leaders with skills to lead more effectively in an increasingly diverse environment.  Over the years, it became apparent that one of the most pressing challenges in the diversity arena is moving groups and organizations into “action mode.”

Diversity training has historically focused on improving interactions between people of different backgrounds.  This approach, while beneficial when done well, fails to recognize, appreciate and leverage the incredible upside potential that diverse groups offer.

The focus of Diversity Leadership in Action™ is helping groups and organizations actively leverage diversity to enhance individual engagement and group performance.  The key differentiators to achieve this are two-fold: bringing everyone into the definition of diversity and connecting the work to a common mission.  This creates the platform for moving into action mode: building a vision; developing strategic objectives; aligning resources; updating and evolving infrastructure; and creating accountabilities and management routines.  The groups and organizations that have successful diversity initiatives are those that put these types of actions in place.